How to Create a Business Email within 5 Minutes in Bahrain

Do you want a Business Email for your Business? A Business email uses your company name instead of, in this Post we will show you how you can create your Business email address in less then a 5 minutes. and we will explain why business email address is better. and what are the requirements to create a business email account for your Business

Why do you need a Business Email?

If you want to generate many sales and want you’re Business looks more professional then you should choose a business email. it will automatically promote your Business name however you’re emailing them for purchasing or just sending a promotion email receiver will notice your email name. in our case we have a email [email protected] when we send a email to any person he will notice this name and automatically visits our website to know what exactly ProPassion is doing,

What are the requirements for Business Email?


  1. First you need to have a Domain name. Make sure to pick an Easy to remember name for your Business
  2. Go to Domains section in propassion and check for availability for a domain name

Then domain checker will display the list of domain names. if domain was available it will say Available. if not, then you will get some suggestions from our domain checker. else you can choose Domain Alternative titles.

Once you’ve found most suitable name for your domain then you have to click choose and fill out details in domain contact page then our team will look that domain name for you.

Get Hosting Services for your Email for storage

Go to Propassion Home page and choose a hosting plan that’s fits your needs. for example we will go with standard plan of Propassion Hosting. and fill out details on the Hosting contact page. Once done, our team will get in touch with you in 1 hour. and you’ll receive your hosting plan

All set! Let’s make a Business Email Now!

Once you’ve received a domain name and a email from us, All you need to do is to setup a Business email address that’s comes with your Hosting Plan. Get Started by Log in to Your Cpanel which you received from our email, Enter Username and Password and Click Log in.

cPanel interface

Then Find Email Account in Your cPanel

Email Option in CPanel

Adding your Business Email

Adding an Email

Hit on Create. Enter the Email Name, a Suitable name for example for Help and Support [email protected], Then choose a password for your Email Account. we Recommend you to choose a stronger password for your Business Email.

The Newly Added email will be in the list of Email Accounts.

 Access your new email account

Now you need to access your webmail to make sure you can send and receive emails. You can use

You can pick any webmail application you like, just follow the instructions in the Email Section. if you face any problems while setting up your email just Get in touch with our experts via Live chat on the right corner. we will help you to setup an email account in your desired webmail application

Final Thoughts

By following these simple steps you have a Business Email Account. and you’re Business Looks More Professional with your Domain name. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll have your business email set up in no time at all.

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